Meaningful metrics
for mission-driven
Impact is everything that remains of you tomorrow
Real-time model
of your organization impact

Connected via API
to your products and services

With specialized interfaces
for all of the stakeholders
from clients to investors
Many teams work hard to get things done right, not just profitable. But their products tell nothing about their efforts, visions, dreams and passion. It's time to bring the whole story to the world, and show the full depth of the changes you make.
Keynote speech at Effie Positive Change 2020
by founder of Impactful
Benefits for all the stakeholders of impact
Every day we are inspired by helping our clients discover
the whole impact of their organizations
  • Chief executives
    and financials
    Use our digital tool to find the real impact-potential of their organizations. How do you measure progress towards your mission goals? How fast and efficient can you be? How much can you do? We know how to prove these with numbers.
  • HRs and team leads
    Attract the best talents by telling them how you really change the world.

    Inspire your existing teams with meaningful metrics instead of
    doubling the funnel conversions or growth of your marketing numbers.

    Best people deserve meaningful goals!
  • Product and service designers and managers
    Leave empty advertising speeches. Put real data to your service. Measure the real effects of your products and be able to answer for every word and every number.
  • Marketing and PR people
    Give meaning to your customers' every action. Tell them how each purchase makes a real difference in changing the world. Show the numbers and explain how you got them.
Our biggest love ♡ is to listen to teams who run their products because they really care
What we do
We help mission-driven teams to measure, quantify
and communicate their meaningful achievements
We are happy to share our experience of working with 120+ social ventures from single-person-startups to global programs with governmental clients. From formulating a mission, setting the goals and building a strategy to achieve it to tracking progress and communicating it to your team, partners, clients and the public.
Our core advantage is a unique digital modeling tool for impact. Using it you will get a scientifically-accurate knowledge of what your products do and mean for the people around (read how impact is produced).
Through our API we let you track your impact based on your product metrics in real time. Every time your client make a meaningful action anywhere in your product or website you will know how world has been changed by that. More products on the way.
Impact-thinking process guide
Read our free guide which introduces the basics of impact thinking—a method of creating products that change the world.
Impact modeling
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Let's build a complete model of your impact
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